Who do we cater to?


Ease of application of the adhesive is of paramount importance for this category and our bottles are designed with a long neck to serve exactly this purpose.


We help agro-chemical companies with their packaging solutions. The agro-chemicals are packed in bottles of different sizes, with capacities ranging from 50 ml to over 1000 ml, in square or round bottles. The bottles used are often white but other colours are also used.


We provide packaging material that are used to pack creams, gels, shampoos, powders and sanitizers. In addition to the jars and bottles, we provide lids, flip-top caps and plugs for this industry.

Home Care

Products in the home care industry that we cater to are used for fragrances and as diffuser. These bottles are available in round and oval shapes. Additional designs can also be developed as per the requirements.


Within the petrochemical industry, we provide packaging solutions for lubricating oils and coolants in sizes of 250 ml, 500 ml and 1 liter. These bottles are used to pack lubricants and coolants.


For the pharmaceuticals industry, not only is the product most important but also the way it is manufactured and packaged. Our products include tablet bottles, dry syrup bottles, dropper bottles and nasal sprays. These products come in different sizes catering to your every need. Additionally, we also manufacture pilfer proof caps, CRC caps, plugs, measuring cups and other lids/closures which are used in specific applications. Other applications of our products are for lens cleaning solutions, iodine bottles and spray pumps.