Shubham Packaging’s Core Competencies

What can we offer you?


Plastic moulding is our core competency and we process a range of different raw materials to manufacture products that serve you better.

Injection Moulding involves heating the raw material in a barrel which is forced into a mould cavity where it cools to the configuration of the cavity. This results in precise moulding, and is used to make caps, plugs, lids and closures.

Injection Blow Moulding involves injection moulding onto a core pin and this core pin is rotated into a blowing station wherein it is inflated and cooled to get the finished product. This process is better suited to bottles of a smaller capacity and can be used for narrow or wide mouth bottles.

Extrusion Blow Moulding involves extruding molten plastic into a hollow tube called a parison which is captured by a closing metal mould. Air is then blown into a parison inflating it into the shape of the mould. This process can be run continuously or intermittently.

Wad Fitting and Ring Assembly

In situ assembly of wads on caps and rings for pilfer proof caps and CRC caps helps us reduce our process time and manage the quality of the finished goods better. This also provides our partners with the flexibility while deciding their orders.

Screen Printing

One of the most versatile forms of printing, screen printing is used to print plastic bottles based on the requirement of our partners. We have the option of providing printed bottles as per our partners’ needs.